Welcome to We Try Beer.

On this site, we are trying to sample as many different beers as possible, and give an honest verdict on them. We aren’t experts, or connoisseurs, just ordinary people who like a drink or two of an evening, and want to keep track of what we have tried. Hopefully, this will also help other people identify new drinks they haven’t tried and find something they wouldn’t normally buy.

Since putting the initial steps into creating this website, our ideas for it have grown hugely. We’ve been learning each and every day, finding more and more breweries and stockists than we even thought could exist, and some of them right on our doorstep! The initial positive reaction on social media platforms has probably brought our launch forward, in truth before we are actually ready…but we figure that we need to get something up, and keep adding to it.

We’re launching with beer reviews, some well known and some less so, and hoping to cover a broad range. We’re very quickly moving into brewery visits, reviews and articles about brewing methods, and we’re also hoping to broaden the subject away from being purely beers, into other drinks. We’re also working on a specific section for non-alcoholic beers!

The beer market is thriving at the moment, with new breweries and drinks being discovered all the time, and we’re hoping to uncover some hidden gems.

If there’s anything you’d like us to try, or you’re a brewery who’d like to be featured, please get in touch!

You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or via email. In the meantime, enjoy the reviews!


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