About Us

Hello, and welcome to our website!

The ‘About Us’ section is always an odd one. What do people really want to know about us? We’re just a couple of thirty-something year old guys with a thirst for good beer. That’s the reason behind this website. It’s more of a tracker for us, but hopefully with some useful information for other people as well!

The more we’ve got into the idea of recording and reviewing the drinks we have, the more varied our tastes have become. The more we try, the more we learn, and now we’re on a mission to become educated in the way of the ale!

It’s fair to say that although we’re not new to beer, our knowledge has been limited to what we’ve enjoyed drinking. Over the last few weeks and months, we’ve really developed an interest in much more intricate areas and now we’re looking not only to review drinks, but to look at the whole industry, from brewing, advertising, branding and getting ourselves out and about to learn exactly what it takes to make good beer.

We have big and ambitious plans, and we’re going to keep providing (hopefully) useful content, here and on social media. Please give us a follow on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and join us on our journey! We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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