5am Saint

Brewery: Brewdog, UK

ABV: 5.0%

Bottle Size: 330ml


A concoction of Malt, Biscuits with a strong fruity flavour


Very deep Red/Burgundy with a small Ivory head


A biscuit, malty aroma with hints of spice and fruit.

Final Verdict:

5am Saint has so many different ingredients added into it, you would think a mad scientist brewed it. I thought 5am Saint, would be a mess (a bit like me at 5am after a night out).

But despite having more ingredients, than Hugh Hefner had girlfriends. 5am is a real interesting combination, the first flavour that comes through is a biscuity malt, followed by a red berry blast with very subtle hints of Caramel and Orange. The aftertaste is sweet but also has a hint of spice to it.

I have had some good beers from Brewdog and this is another one. It’s different from alot of beers on the market, with this mix of ingredients in 1 bottle.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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All good supermarkets. Beerwulf.com

For more information:

Brewdog, UK website

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