Brewery: Black Tor Brewery

ABV: 4.2%

Bottle Size: 500ml


Deep hop flavours with a sweet aftertaste.


Chestnut brown in colour with small off white head.


Fresh fruit, sweet, with earthy hops.

Final Verdict:

Raven by Black Tor pours a deep brown the same colour as a conker, there is a very small head which disappears very quickly.

The aroma of fresh fruit fills the nostrils like a fresh berry salad, there is a nice earthy scent that accompanies the sweet fruit.

The taste of Raven is very smooth, there is a nice malty taste to this beer with a great sweetness almost like caramel or toffee that goes hand in hand with the malt.

This is a very nice ale produced in Devon, and brewed on Dartmoor after some of my recent reviews it is nice to get back to a proper ale, this is a strong contender. If you like ales like tribute or doombar for example, I suggest you try Raven by Black Tor.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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