Smoke n Barrels

Brewery: Wild Beer Company

ABV: 4.0

Bottle Size: 330ml


Slight hints of orange, malt and whiskey with a powerful smoked wood taste


Pale yellow, with a medium head.


Smoked wood, orange and hops.

Final Verdict:

Smoke n Barrels does exactly what it says in the tin! (Well bottle).

It pours a cloudy pale yellow, with a medium white head.
The smoked wood aroma reminds you of a nice summer evening sat in the garden with a little fire burning.

The taste is the most unique flavour combination I have every come across, there is a nice sweetness from the smoked orange segments, there is even a very slight taste of whiskey due to the smoked barrels which where used to hold whiskey. The strange thing is you tell there are different woods used to smoke, including cherry wood and oak.

This beer will most certainly make you stand up and take note of it! But in my opinion there is too much smoking going on in this beer, smoked orange segments, smoked Cornish sea salt, 3 types of smoked wood. If just the wood was smoked and not the orange and salt this could be a real winner. Unfortunately it is not.

Rating: 4 out of 10

Available From:

The Vessel beer shop, Plymouth

For more information:

Wild Beer Company website

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