The Original – Bourbon barrell scotch ale

Brewery: Innis & Gunn

ABV: 6.6%

Bottle Size: 330ml


Bourbon, vanilla and toffee with a nice sweet aftertaste.


Dark Amber with a clean small white head.


A mild Bourbon smell with essence of sweet Vanilla and hops.

Final Verdict:

After trying Innis and Gunn rum barrell ale, I figured I had to try this one!

The smell is very enticing due to the bourbon and vanilla. The bourbon flavour makes this beer taste different to alot of beers of the market, the bourbon and the marriage of Toffee and Vanilla make this Ale sweet, but not too sweet.

‘The original’ is a very smooth beer and goes down easily, perhaps too easily.  But with an ABV of 6.6 per cent, meaning this has the chance to be a dangerous beer as you could go from a few quiet drinks to out, out in no time at all.

Innis and Gunn have done it again, I was a fan of their rum beer and now a big fan of the brewery overall! This 2nd helping from their brewery will have me reaching for any future beers of their’s that I see.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Available From:

All good supermarkets.

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Innis & Gunn website

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