Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery

ABV: 7.2%

Bottle Size: 355ml


A strong, hoppy flavour with a fruity kick


Blonde, reminiscent of a pale ale


Fruity, malty aroma

Final Verdict:

This beer is simply wonderful. It has a hoppy, strong initial flavour, but is balanced with a fruity punch which really leaves it tasting surprisingly delicate.

The fruity aspect tastes quite tropical, and the best description I can give is that I imagine this is what a shandy would taste like when made with Lilt!

I was expecting much harsher flavours from a 7.2% lager, but this is beautifully balanced, easy on the pallette and deliciously refreshing.

It’s not one of the more common Brooklyn offerings in the UK in my experience, but it’s a really nice drink and I’d recommend it to anyone who had the chance to pick some up. It disappeared surprisingly quickly, and left me wanting more.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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