Gypsy Queen

Brewery: Moonchild Brewing Co.

ABV: 6.4%

Bottle Size: 330ml


Smooth, bitter and chocolatey




Malty, chocolatey aroma

Final Verdict:

This review is tinged with sadness, as it’s become apparent that the brewery who produced this beer, a local Devon brewery not far from where we’re based in Plymouth, has ceased trading since this was brewed.

At We Try Beer, we love supporting the local beer scene, and that’s the main reason this ended up in my fridge. Finding out the brewery ceased trading before our inception feels like we’ve missed out, and means we’re unlikely to find any more of their beers around.

What makes this worse, is that the Gypsy Queen porter itself was simply wonderful. The colour was probably the darkest porter I’ve seen, the flavours were rich and full and the beer was incredibly smooth. Drinking this was an absolute pleasure from start to finish.

I would like to wish the guys at Moonchild Brewing Co. the best of luck in their next endeavours, and hopefully I’ll find some of their remaining stock about in the coming weeks! Based on this beer, they are a big loss to not only the South-West, but the wider beer scene as well.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Available From:

The Vessel, Plymouth

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