Ellensberg session IPA

Brewery: Harbour Brewery

ABV: 4.3%

Bottle Size: 330ml


Smooth fruity flavour with smooth polished finish.


Cloudy dark Amber with small Ivory head.


Floral aroma with citrus hints.

Final Verdict:

Ellensburg session IPA is a beer I wanted to try since my partner at we try beer was raving about how good Harbour’s beers were, so I thought I best get involved.

This beer pours a cloudy deep amber colour, with a very floral aroma. The citrus from the beer comes through in not only the aroma but also the taste.

The taste is very smooth with a lively fruit palate and a refreshing citrus balance.

Harbour have said that Ellensberg is one of their firm favourites and with the endorsement from my we try beer co-founder, I can honestly say both are spot on!

Ellensberg session IPA is a smooth full flavoured pale ale with a polished finish, I will be trying more from the harbour range and would love to visit the folks at the brewery and speak to them to see how the magic happens.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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