Scorpion IPA

Brewery: New Lion Brewery

ABV: 4.9%

Bottle Size: 500ml


Citrus hops with lemon and a spicey chilli aftertaste.


Deep orange colour with a small off white head.


Citrus on the nose with a hoppy undertone.

Final Verdict:

I wanted to try this beer from New Lion Brewery, due to the fact it has chilli in and I am a fan of spicey food.

This beer pours a deep crisp orange colour, with the aroma of fresh citrus fruit, which make you think this will be a nice refreshing tipple.

However Scorpion IPA definitely has a sting in its tale!
The heat that comes from the scorpion chilli’s is alot more than I expected and at first I found it intriguing as first the refreshing lemon flavour came through will a bit of heat, however soon the chilli overtook the flavour and took its time to die down before you get to the refreshing lemon again.
You need to drink this beer slower than normal or else it tastes of pure scorpion chilli.

You have to give it to New lion brewery for trying this combination, but in my opinion they need to dial down the chilli element, and this could be a great beer.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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New lion Brewery

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