Hite Pale Lager

Brewery: Hite Jinro Co, South Korea

ABV: 4.3%


It's a pale lager, and tastes as such. Familiar but smooth taste.


Sparkling Amber


Standard lager smell, although not overly strong

Final Verdict:

In recent years my tendency to drink lager has diminished massively. With the exception of Hop House 13, I’ve struggled to find a lager which isn’t just an over-carbonated, weak flavoured standard fare. Hite is a rare anomaly to this, with its subtleness a key player.

Easy on the nose and palette, Hite has the flavours which have made lagers popular, without anything being overpowering. A nice balanced drink with no lingering aftertaste and just the right amount of ‘fizz’.

It’s clear to see why this is the most popular lager in South Korea, and if theres justice, it should become more readily available on these shores.  On the rare occasions where a refreshing cold lager is my order of the day, Hite will definitely be worth revisiting.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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Hite Jinro Co, South Korea website

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