Lindeman’s Faro

Brewery: Lindeman's, Belgium

ABV: 4.5%

Bottle Size: 375ml


Very sweet and fruity in taste, with a strong sour undercurrent. Difficult to describe.


Dark, murky amber


Sweet, fruity scent which is almost cidery

Final Verdict:

I must admit, this is a new one on me! Lambic beer is not something I’m familiar with. From the packaging, the unexpected corking of the bottle, and the sweet, fruitiness mixed with sour undertones, this is a real eye-opener.

The beer itself isn’t unpleasant, but it’s very confusing. This is not a typical drink and had me researching lambic beer almost instantly! It’s an interesting and different brewing method, which I won’t cover here, but it certainly produces a unique flavour.

Working through the glass is a journey, and I keep fluctuating between enjoying and ensuring the drink. It’s such a complex beer with differing flavours throughout, and leaves a feeling in your mouth similar to drinks with high sugar content.

This wouldn’t be something which I’d drink regularly, but it’s such a unique style of beer that I’d recommend everyone to give it a try.

Rating: 4 out of 10

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