Life & Death

Brewery: Vocation Brewery

ABV: 6.5%

Bottle Size: 330ml


Like a fruit cocktail! mango, orange and grapefruit all comes through.


Cloudy amber in colour with medium white head.


Mango and other tropical fruits.

Final Verdict:

I have seen alot of people saying this is the best beer of 2018, so let’s see.
Although I cannot agree with it being the best, I can confirm it is a very nice beer.

The aroma of this beer is like taking an uppercut of Mango and citrus that is absorbed by the nostrils it actually smells like a fruit sorbet.

The taste is well balanced there is a sweet mango and orange flavouring with a very slight sourness of grapefruit and possibly lime for the finish.

Vocation Brewery keep their labelling very simple which leaves them more time on working on the beers, and after trying this one. I will be trying more in the future.

Below is a quote from Vocation brewery about this beer which I believe sums up their sense of humour and enjoyment they get from brewing good beer.

Three kilos of hops and forty kilos of barley selflessly give their lives to brew every barrel of this beer.  It’s a lot to ask, but their reincarnation as this life-affirming IPA makes their sacrifice worthwhile.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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All good supermarkets.

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Vocation Brewery website

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